Jacques Bendien, about me

H i I’m Jacques, to be precise Jacques Bendien, English by birth and Neapolitain by adoption.. I’ve been defined as a ‘photographic portrait artist’ and ‘one who designs with light’. I’ll let that be, I’ve never been too keen on labels believing more in individual sensations than in general considerations.
Put simply I’m one who’s curious, having a lively spirit with a profound thirst for knowledge, which specifically aims to extrapolate and then relate what lies behind a certain look, a smile, a glance to be immortalized as a timeless photographic image.
I’ve come across so many faces in my life: for three years I travelled the Low Countries, land of my forefathers, intent on throwing light on my artistic roots; but on one face only did my eyes finally come to rest for always, Yvonne my life companion, an indispensible inspiration and moral support to me for more than 50 years.

Via Manzoni 65f e 65g Napoli 80123 Italia

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