In the sixties I elaborated on the technique to put photographic prints on canvas which amazingly still remains actual and fascinating to this day. It is its connection with art that inspired me. As with frescoes which need to be removed from their original site a similar process is used with my portraits where the photographic emulsion is transferred on to a canvas support using the ‘dye transfer process’ evolved and perfected by me over the years.
Today as yesterday, my work is valued for its high level of resistance and inalterable finish. A special protective layer eliminates the need for glass and protects the image from dust, humidity, chemicals in the air and damage caused by harmful UV sun rays, leaving its delicate colours unaltered for years to come.
Suitably framed and displayed in either a modern or classic ambient my portraits will always be a font of conversation, and like all self respecting traditions, its sentimental value can only be passed on from generation to generation.