Over the years I have received reviews and esteemed recognition from critics in the world of art, journalism, and university. At the inauguration of my first studio in Via Manzoni, in 1973, a then young Mimmo Iodice - today photographer of international repute, presented me with a gift of a photographic record of the occasion; an unforgettable and much appreciated, auspicious gesture of good luck at the start of what was to become a florid professional activity in Naples, 'started under a good star’. Following are some quotes which even today remain impressed vividly in my heart and which I take pleasure in remembering.

  • "A long story of a big human being enriching Naples. To love this city, as does Jacques, means to give and not wait to receive"
    Prof. Claudio F. Fava
  • “Thank you for having created a designer calendar with splendid artistic and suggestive images. Through your work you have transmitted great emotion rich with energy, passion and much professionalism. Heartfelt thanks from all of us."
    Prof. Roberto Paludetto
    Presidente Associazione Soccorso Rosa-Azzurro Onlus Policlinico dell’Università Federico II
  • "Jacques, poet of images…Beneath an evident English aplomb, his adaptation to life in Naples is worn with pride, like a second glorious skin …. a natural talent capable of setting into motion a creative process through a simple exchange of looks."
    Giuseppina De Rienzo Scrittrice Giornalista
  • In reality his images, more than just mere photos are instead a reconstruction of an époque interior, signed by the decorator, the artist and user of light …a perfect re-edition of a Visconti  ‘family group interior’.   Since setting foot here he never abandoned Naples. “ Many leave. I came, I stayed and say thank you Naples” …….his interiors   are passports to a sense of wellbeing, of optimism.
    Pier Antinio Toma, saggista, biografo, giornalista professionista
    I volti di Napoli